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The club was formed in 1977 by Mr Suter. It has been steadily growing ever since.

And thats about all I know ... unless you can help?

If anyone has any memories or old photo's please send them to

Matt Streete from far away in Wadebridge in Cornwall remembers playing for Vipers in the 80's

What a fantastic website and wonderful to see the teams photos.I played for Vipers from U9 to U16 (about 1985 onwards) Top Players...Matt Rollings up front, Jonnie Almond in Goal, Des and Adam Grimes in Defence... To name but a few. We were a great side..but never won the league. I know we were runners up to the infamous Worthing Dynamos in 1986. In a title decider U16 we had to only draw with Rustington. After being 2-0 up at HT, we lost 3-2, The emotions flood back as I write this!! We did manage to win the West Sussex Youth Football League Invitation Trophy a couple of times however the trophy stated both sides were 'finalists'. Lawrence was our Coach and Paul McMichael's dad Malcolm was our 'Chairman/benefactor'. All our kit was sponsored by Malcolm's 'BELL LESIURE'. One year the training tops with a giant V on them were massive, I still have mine and it fits me now! Will look through photos as I have some of team playing on Petworth Park and some in Worthing playing Worthing Park Youth - We won 17-0.

More memories of the 80's from James Long which nicely fills the decades with memories now from the 70's,80's and 90's..

I played for sullington vipers can't remember the years exactly but it was from around 83 to 87 starting at with the under 10's. The manager was Mr Jenner, who's son was Jeff Jenner and he played in goal quite a lot along with Simon Searl if I remember right. Also the tactical genius was Norman Ramsey, who's son was Alec Ramsey, was my mate and we formed a deviating partnership down the right wing. We reached 2 cup finals in 3 years and lost them both and I remember we once had a semi final match with worthing minors abandoned for violent conduct, something which was quite rare for an under 12's game. There is a picture of a couple of teams which appeared in the West Sussex Gazette circa these years, perhaps you can contact the paper and see if they can dig out the image.

Thanks James.

At the beginning of 2006 I received this e-mail from Phil Goldsmith ..

i played in the very first game for sullington vipers under 16,s in 1977. we played against henfield ,the game was held behind what is now sullington village hall . I also remember we lost 10-0 not a great the time i was a very small 14 year old , most of the other lads were older than me. If i remember rightly other players included were ,David Leadbeater,(clanger),Shamous Leogue,Vince Campbell, and also Mike Suter ,son of Maurice Suter. I cant think of the other players ,but i remember the referee was a man called Godfrey Bullen who lived locally behind the clubhouse.

Thanks Phil.

and more from Andy Burton ...

hi, i played for Storrington Vipers from under 9 until under 16. this would be from around 1994 i guess. do you have any photos of my team? i love the website we never had anything like this when i played for them. always enjoyed playing and i'm glad to see the club is still going! all the best of luck for the rest of the season for all the teams! Andy

Is there anybody else out there with any more memories ???

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