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The clubs policy on kit is that the club will provide shirts, usually a home and away strip, and it is up the boys to purchase shorts and socks, and of course shin pads. The club's official colours are yellow and black, although this may vary from team to team depending on sponsorship. Please see team info for details. Shorts and socks are black. These may be available to purchase from your team manager. If not they should be easy to find locally.
To keep the boys dry and warm both before and after a game we would encourage all boys to purchase a training top. The official Vipers training top is a Pro-Star 'Aztec' as shown left. These can be purchased from Broadwater Sports for less than 20. Broadwater Sports can also put the Vipers name on the back and players initials on the front for a small fee. To avoid fights and to stop the Managers ending the season with a car boot full of tops it's makes sense to have all the boys clothes marked with there names, and this is a neat and professional solution which also promotes a sense of belonging to the club.
Broadwater Sports - Intersport
5 Ardsheal Road
West Sussex
BN14 7RN

Tel: 01903 234589 - Fax: 01903 821237


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